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    Did u record this?
  3. hi David

    as i couldn't attend oct critic , can i get the link if it was recorded, please ..thank you

    1. David Kassan

      David Kassan

      Its in the recorded sessions section of the forum. :)

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    Live Studio Visit and Q&A - Kassan Brooklyn Studio | October 26 1pm EST
  5. Hi David,

    Sent you a critique request recently that might happen outside of the monthly critique sessions.  Wonder if it got lost in the mass of emails you must receive. Just looking for pointers maybe through email (?) on a portrait commission I have been working on.  Am thinking I might enter it into competition a well, so the public forum or extensive assistance not appropriate.  Therefore just hoping for your opinion - as I say, a few pointers. So tricky working in isolation...

    Am willing to provide an added fee if that would be appropriate.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Nicole Dolson

    1. David Kassan

      David Kassan

      strange, I'm just seeing this now, sorry about that. Have you been signing up for the crit sessions? We talk about each painting for 10-15 mins on average. 

      best, david

  6. Starts at 6pm Mountain Time.
  7. More info to follow later today!
  8. We are moving this to this thursday. We are also in the process of setting up a section of the forum explaining everything. We are also in the process of setting up a section of the forum explaining everything. We are also in the process of setting up a section of the forum explaining everything.
  9. It's this Tuesday. Please tell us how can we sign up for the symposia?
  10. hi! were do we sign up for the symphosia?
  11. please provide information about the classes.. 

    like time, duration, materials needed , etc., 

    thank you 



  12. Perhaps I'm missing something but I'm not certain what we are supposed to do on the 2nd of August.... sign up how and where? Is this a live event that we attend to discuss this? Looking forward to beginning. Dennis
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    I have replied to you. See here:
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    Unfortunately at work with clients at that time. I will definitely download. Waiting for David Corcoran to respond to my prior emails regarding difficulty with the download of past event process
  15. Hi Shana-I would love to see this live but am unsure of the time difference between your location and mine (Melbourne, Australia). I have also been receiving the adobe connect email post live drawing session. Any feedback would be appreciated-I'll reacquaint myself with adobe connect too. Many thanks, Robina
  16. Time TBD... First 50 Painting critique symposium
  17. Time TBD... First 50 drawing critiques.
  18. Sign Up day for the first months critique symposium for the drawing session and for the painting session.
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    Awesome! Looking forward to it.
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    great , is it a double demo?, Either way, sounds good.
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    Live alla prima session with painting and drawing. Michelle Dunaway will be joining us in the studio so hopefully you can make it to watch at 10 am mountain time. If you can't, it will be recorded and you can watch it after. See you there!! Shana and David
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