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  1. hi David

    as i couldn't attend oct critic , can i get the link if it was recorded, please ..thank you

    1. David Kassan

      David Kassan

      Its in the recorded sessions section of the forum. :)

  2. until
    Live Studio Visit and Q&A - Kassan Brooklyn Studio | October 26 1pm EST
  3. Hi David,

    Sent you a critique request recently that might happen outside of the monthly critique sessions.  Wonder if it got lost in the mass of emails you must receive. Just looking for pointers maybe through email (?) on a portrait commission I have been working on.  Am thinking I might enter it into competition a well, so the public forum or extensive assistance not appropriate.  Therefore just hoping for your opinion - as I say, a few pointers. So tricky working in isolation...

    Am willing to provide an added fee if that would be appropriate.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Nicole Dolson

    1. David Kassan

      David Kassan

      strange, I'm just seeing this now, sorry about that. Have you been signing up for the crit sessions? We talk about each painting for 10-15 mins on average. 

      best, david

  4. Starts at 6pm Mountain Time. https://artcritacademy.adobeconnect.com/august_draw_2016/
  5. please provide information about the classes.. 

    like time, duration, materials needed , etc., 

    thank you 



  6. until
    Live Alla Prima Session from our studio in Albuquerque.
  7. until
    Just want to guide everyone though the site and adobe connect in preparation for tomorrow's Live Alla Prima session in Albuquerque.
  8. until
    Hi Guys, We are going to be doing a Q and A instead of a Demo on Monday, and Tuesday we will be doing the drawing demo. We just moved into this new space and just need to get things in the right place before we draw. Hope to see you guys live!! Should be an Hour or so. Here is the link to the event https://meet39781180.adobeconnect.com/qanda/ You might need to download firefox brower to connect https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/?scene=2 I wasn't working on my Safari from our MAC.